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Sludge incineration plant in Eger, Hungary, within the scope of the EU-Danube rum strategy of the country Baden-Wurttemberg

The project „municipal sludge disposal project EGER, Hungary“ originated from a cooperation of the Platform Environmental Technology with the Hungarian enterpriser, Mr. Morvai. Besides, it is about a sludge incineration plant by which directly in sewage plants wet sludge can be burnt and with it stream and warmth be generated. The arrangement works currently in vote with the Hungarian authorities in the enlarged test company for the optimization. Now the plausibility of the investment technology should occur through the university of Stuttgart.

The PU means were granted for the financing by exhaust gas measurements by the University of Stuttgart, Institute of Settlement Hydraulic Engineering, Water Goodness and Waste Industry, in cooperation with the University of Budapest. By the implementation of the exhaust gas measurements should be helped to the project to the marketability, while the observance are confirmed by EU norms.

The special lastingness of the project arises from:

  • Short routes of transport to the regional utilization place, thereby lower CO2 load
  • Rejected heat use for the energy-efficient full drying poor in issue of the sludge
  • Use of thermal energy for different processes (inside and externally)
  • Delivery of CO2 more neutrally thermal and electric energy with substitution of fossil primary energy sources
  • By the thermal utilization no investment is necessary with the sewage work operators for measures of hygiene.


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