Competences of our members


  • dust removal, e.g. fine particle filter
  • filtration
  • exhaust air treatment
  • noise reduction
  • shock prevention


  • water supply and treatment
  • rainwater treatment
  • waste water collection and transport
  • centralised / decentralised waste water treatment
  • sludge treatment
  • eliminating / recycling trace elements
  • recycling heat from waste water
  • more efficient water use
    • instrumentation and control technology
    • water efficiency technology

Waste / inherited Waste / Recyling

  • waste treatment and disposal
  • landfill (e.g. construction, safeguarding, reducing landfill gas)
  • dismantling sites and material separation
  • processing and recycling raw materials
  • energy utilization (e.g. waste incineration, maximum yield technology)
  • recycling raw materials from landfill (urban mining)
  • redeveloping contaminated sites (e.g. soil decontamination, revegetation, erosion control)

Renewable Energy

  • solar panels and solar thermal energy
  • geothermal energy (shallow and deep)
  • wind energy (offshore and onshore)
  • hydropower
  • biomass utilisation
  • electricity generation from purification plants
  • energy storage
    • mechanical, e.g. pumped storage, flywheel
    • electrochemical, e.g. batteries, hydrogen
    • electrical, e.g. capacitors, magnets
    • thermal, e.g. geothermal energy

Enviromental Technology

  • engineering offices for planning, advising and implementation of environmental measures
  • professional associations
  • Environmental departments in member companies

Energy and Resource Efficiency

  • energy efficient production processes
  • energy efficient buildings
  • energy efficient machines
  • cross-sector technology, e.g.
    • instrumentation and control technologies (I&C)
    • process control technology
    • pump and ventilation systems
    • hydraulics and compressed air systems
    • cooling and heating systems
    • heat recycling, using waste heat
    • heating and cooling systems

Learning System Provider

  • education
  • product presentations, research and development